The most expensive steak in the world

Almost every luxury restaurant always provides a steak menu. This one meal is never cheap. Especially if the ingredients are from special beef. But all the prices of beef steak in Indonesian restaurants will not be as expensive as the world’s most expensive steak that will be described in this post.

A5 Kobe Strip Steak

The record for a very expensive steak is achieved by A5 Kobe Strip Steak. You can buy and enjoy this one meal for around 5 million rupiah. Almost every dish on this one is served New York style, the meat used comes from Kobe Wagyu. The weight of the meat itself is 12 ounces and what provides it is The Old Homestead Steakhouse restaurant located in New York.

The meat used alone does not come from just any cow. Cows for making this steak get special treatment. Even before the cows start to be slaughtered, he gets massage treatments to make him more relaxed.

Fullblood Wagyu Tenderloin

The next most expensive steak was won by Fullblood Wagyu Tenderloin which is located in Sydney Australia. This elegant steak is also made from beef whose cows have been elegantly cared for for 600 days. There is a lot of special care given to cows, so cows are always happy. The flavors provided are of course different and consumers who want to try to eat must be willing to spend around 4 million rupiah.

103 Wagyu Ribeye

A steak that is similar to the price of a house mortgage was won by 103 Wagyu Ribeye. This steak is provided by the Craftsteak restaurant located in New York. The price for eating one portion is extremely expensive, up to almost 40 million rupiah. How come it’s so expensive? Of course you are still confused. It turns out that the dimensions of the stick are around 40 ounces and what makes it expensive is handled directly by Chef Chris Albrecht. Most of the people who order this steak are intended for events and are eaten in crowds.

The most expensive steak, Wagyu Sirloin

The next note that comes as an expensive steak is in Dubai. One meal consumers have to pay about 2.3 million rupiah with a steak dish weighing 10.5 ounces. the name of the restaurant that provides this expensive steak is The al-Muntaka. Not only selling expensive steak dishes, the restaurant also sells panoramic views of the cityscape from a height. You will be able to see Dubai from a height and this is a very beautiful natural landscape. It’s no wonder that the price for one meal there is very expensive.