The Best Fast Food Restaurants and the Reality Behind It

At this time there are many fast food products or also called fast food. This food is also very popular among various groups of people. This fast food is the main meal for those who live in urban areas. This is because, in general, people who live in urban areas are people who are very busy with their work schedules so they also never cook.

This fast food or fast food is much loved because it is also considered instant and very hygienic because it is wrapped in a good place. In addition, this fast food offers a lot of interesting dishes that make consumers interested in these foods. If in urban areas there are lots of restaurants like this, this is due to the lifestyle of people in urban areas who really want everything quickly.

Mc Donald’s

This restaurant is a restaurant that originated in America. Of course it’s because Mc Donalds with the yellow “Meter” letter logo are found in Indonesia. This restaurant was founded by 2 relatives, namely Richard and Maurice Mc Donalds since 1940 which was originally called “Bar-B-Q” in California. The name Mc Donalds was only known in 1948, whose mainstay menu at that time was hamburgers, cheeseburgers, coffee, milk, soft drinks, French fries and pie.

This restaurant grew into an industry called Mc Donalds cooperation in 1955, since then the Mc Donalds restaurant has also continued to grow so that it has opened branches all over America. Moreover, the growth of Mc Donalds has also spread to hundreds of countries.

The facilities in this restaurant are also very interesting, such as having a gathering place, for those of you who want to hang out with your friends, there is free wifi, and also for those of you who don’t want to eat in this restaurant there is also a drive-thru ready for you. take your order to the address you want. Apart from restaurants, there is also Mc Cafe, which is a place for those of you who want to enjoy various types of drinks on offer, such as hot cappuccino, espresso, macchiato, hot mocca, iced coffee latte, and many more.

Pizza Hut

Are you a pizza connoisseur? Pizza is a typical dish from Italy, where pizza is a favorite menu for Italians. Indonesians are no exception. There is one franchised restaurant from the United States which of course you know very well, namely Pizza Hut.

The menu at Pizza Hut certainly has pizza with various ingredients that many people like, such as beef, cheese, tuna, chicken, beef burger, chicken sausage, mayonnaise, mustard, and various vegetables that you like. In this restaurant there are also various types of drinks such as milkshakes, there are various types of fruit juices such as milktea, lemon tea, soda drinks and coffee, for those of you who are lazy to buy directly you can just order via delivery which provides ordering services delivered to the address which is aimed.


Are you hungry at this time? For those of you who are hungry at this time, just go to KFC, there are dishes that are very popular with many people in this restaurant. Of course because in this restaurant there is fried chicken or fried chicken. For those of you who like chicken, KFC is a fast-food restaurant with a fried chicken menu. Colonel Sanders, who founded KFC, was the first to start.

KFC’s mainstay menu is the fried chicken thighs and breast combo which is complemented by rice and a Pepsi soft drink. Apart from that, there are also other menus such as french fries, breakfast dishes, salads, and yakiniku. At KFC there is also a delivery service that can deliver your order anytime and anywhere.


Are you one of the coffee connoisseurs? for those of you who want to hang out with friends and while enjoying a cup of coffee, of course it will add a certain pleasure to you. This American coffee shop was founded in 1971 in Seattle Washington. Currently, this shop has traveled to various parts of the world, including Indonesia. There are many kinds of menus provided at this place, namely: vanilla latte, cappuccino, caffe americano, iced and many more.


This restaurant is famous for its unique drink, namely root beer. This one drink has been sold since the world war, namely in 1919 by Roy W. Allen. After that, he collaborated with Frank Wright who both went on to create a very popular restaurant and the best is A&W. There are also names taken from their two pseudonyms. Apart from root beer, of course there are many other mainstay menus, for example, chicken packages made from chicken, fried rice, and there are also deluxe burgers and so on.


This restaurant at that time was very popular all over the world, especially in Indonesia itself. The name of this restaurant is taken from the name of the owner’s son, Dave Thomas, who is from America’s Culumbus. This restaurant provides a variety of menus that customers can certainly choose from, namely hot ‘n juicy beef burgers, fried chicken classic burgers and many more.

Burger King

Next is a fast food restaurant that provides its flagship food, namely burgers. The name of this restaurant comes from Florida America. Previously the name was Insta-Burger King, after that it changed and finally became the Burger King which is popular today.