Restaurants in Paris You Must Visit

Tasting food while cooking is an important thing that you shouldn’t miss when traveling. Many people claim that Paris is the culinary capital, meanwhile this city also offers many interesting and special culinary options in France, you know. Here are 5 restaurant options that you must visit when in Paris.

Le Kok

Historically, many Vietnamese fled to France as long as there was war in their own country. While they live in Paris, they bring their culture to France, one of which is through cooking.

Located in the 13th Arrondissement, Le Kok restaurant is a popular Vietnamese restaurant in Paris. A popular Vietnamese dish is Pho, a noodle-like dish with special spices and sliced meat. You have to be prepared to stand in line to get a seat because it is popular and crowded with tourists for this restaurant.

In addition to the delicious food, Le Kok also provides a free appetizer for its customers, which is a plate of bones, cartilage and meat. The meat has been boiled many times, and it becomes so tender that you can easily pull the bone from it. Don’t eat too much, later you will be full just before the main meal is served, you know.


Hidden behind the Promenade Plantée bridge, right in the Faubourg St-Antoine area which still feels antique. This restaurant is one of the cheapest French restaurants that has been around for almost 20 years. Usually this restaurant is visited by local people and some tourists who are huddled together to sit together on wooden furniture and enjoy authentic French cuisine.

Café de la Poste

In Paris, you must make sure the brunch menu is very serious. Because there are lots of cafes that serve everything, from just snacks to a complete dining menu. One restaurant to pass the perfect brunch is Cafe de la Poste. Its flagship menu, called Miss Cook, was actually formed due to the mistake of a restaurant owner who was trying to make a baguette ham sandwich. But he found the mistake interesting and he decided to sell it as a menu item at his restaurant.

La Famiglia di Rebellato

After getting a seat in this restaurant, the waiter will serve a basket of bread with a bottle of condiments beside it. You need to try the homemade chilli olive oil that has been provided to be enjoyed with bread sticks!

In this restaurant you can also taste parma ham, one of the most popular hams with a slightly salty taste when compared to the usual ham. To enjoy parma ham, you can add a little olive oil to your bread for an extraordinary sensation!

There are many other menus made by them that you need to taste while there, such as Rigatoni de 4 Formaggi and homemade pizza.


If you are bored with western-style dining in Paris, you need to visit an Indian restaurant called Bollynan. This restaurant is always busy and the food never disappoints. When entering the restaurant, you can see the Indian master making naan.

There are lots of menu options, ranging from chicken or beef flavored curry to salmon as an appetizer. In addition to the main menu, there are also various side dishes such as spinach, broccoli, rice, potatoes and many more.

To enjoy delicious food with a taste of selected spices, you only need to pay around 9-10 Euros, don’t be surprised if this place is always crowded, especially after working hours. In the same district, there are shops for you to shop and other restaurants that you can visit.