The most expensive steak in the world

Almost every luxury restaurant always provides a steak menu. This one meal is never cheap. Especially if the ingredients are from special beef. But all the prices of beef steak in Indonesian restaurants will not be as expensive as the world’s most expensive steak that will be described in this post.

A5 Kobe Strip Steak

The record for a very expensive steak is achieved by A5 Kobe Strip Steak. You can buy and enjoy this one meal for around 5 million rupiah. Almost every dish on this one is served New York style, the meat used comes from Kobe Wagyu. The weight of the meat itself is 12 ounces and what provides it is The Old Homestead Steakhouse restaurant located in New York.

The meat used alone does not come from just any cow. Cows for making this steak get special treatment. Even before the cows start to be slaughtered, he gets massage treatments to make him more relaxed.

Fullblood Wagyu Tenderloin

The next most expensive steak was won by Fullblood Wagyu Tenderloin which is located in Sydney Australia. This elegant steak is also made from beef whose cows have been elegantly cared for for 600 days. There is a lot of special care given to cows, so cows are always happy. The flavors provided are of course different and consumers who want to try to eat must be willing to spend around 4 million rupiah.

103 Wagyu Ribeye

A steak that is similar to the price of a house … Read More

The Best Fast Food Restaurants and the Reality Behind It

At this time there are many fast food products or also called fast food. This food is also very popular among various groups of people. This fast food is the main meal for those who live in urban areas. This is because, in general, people who live in urban areas are people who are very busy with their work schedules so they also never cook.

This fast food or fast food is much loved because it is also considered instant and very hygienic because it is wrapped in a good place. In addition, this fast food offers a lot of interesting dishes that make consumers interested in these foods. If in urban areas there are lots of restaurants like this, this is due to the lifestyle of people in urban areas who really want everything quickly.

Mc Donald’s

This restaurant is a restaurant that originated in America. Of course it’s because Mc Donalds with the yellow “Meter” letter logo are found in Indonesia. This restaurant was founded by 2 relatives, namely Richard and Maurice Mc Donalds since 1940 which was originally called “Bar-B-Q” in California. The name Mc Donalds was only known in 1948, whose mainstay menu at that time was hamburgers, cheeseburgers, coffee, milk, soft drinks, French fries and pie.

This restaurant grew into an industry called Mc Donalds cooperation in 1955, since then the Mc Donalds restaurant has also continued to grow so that it has opened branches all over America. Moreover, the growth of Mc Donalds has … Read More

The Best Chefs Who Have the Most Michelin Stars in the World

Have you ever watched a talent search program to become a popular chef on TV? If so, it turns out that you are already familiar with the title Chef and the duties of a cook. The word chef comes from the French word chef de cuisine which means kitchen director or someone who is head of the kitchen. This profession controls everything that happens in the kitchen, such as determining menus, creating food or drinks, sorting ingredients, cooking preparations and how the food is served.

In this world there are many famous chefs who have a myriad of achievements and dozens of awards such as the Michelin Star, who are they who are popular in the international culinary world? Let’s take a peek at the profiles of the 7 best chefs in the world who have many Michelin Stars

Alain Ducasse

If you look at the number of Michelin Stars, of course Alain Ducasse is the chef with the most Michelin Stars, no half-hearted Alain Ducasse has 19 Michelin Stars and also has 3 Michelin-starred restaurants in 3 world cities, namely Monaco, Paris and London. Not only has he been named the best chef with the most Michelin stars in the world and his cuisine is unrivaled, Alain has also come up with innovative dining concepts and made a sizeable impact on international cuisine.

In May 2009, he opened the École de Cuisine Alain Ducasse, his first non-professional culinary school in Paris. In that year, he also signed a partnership … Read More

Lists Of Meals And Beverage Subjects

food & beverage

The popular Mexican beer model Corona is owned by beverage giant Anheuser-Busch InBev. We know this – and many different details about the family-based mostly firm – because Tyson made their origin story a core side of their model. Utilize your new visual branding system throughout all buyer touchpoints (website, product packaging, e-mail, advertisements, and so forth.) to extend recognition. Consistently use these branded graphics to create a well-known visual language in your audience.

The What They Do tab describes the typical duties and duties of workers in the occupation, including what tools and tools they use and how closely they are supervised. Occupation Job Duties ENTRY-LEVEL EDUCATION 2021 MEDIAN PAY Bartenders Bartenders mix drinks and serve them directly to clients or by way of wait workers. Demonstrated experience in driving efficient and meaningful coaching, folks growth and mentorship programs. ABM takes a proactive method to HVAC, mechanical, and temperature management system administration and has the experience to guard your property, cut back capital expenditures, and realize vitality savings.

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These graphics additionally permit for visible flexibility in their advertising and branding collateral, providing the model a broader visual language to help their viewers establish the Nescafé brand. These three graphic components are directly related to their core product and model – making them straightforward to recognize, affiliate with the model, and keep in mind.

Whether you need service on your important gear, workers to assist production peaks, or compliance assurances, we’re able … Read More

Plans That Make Wholesome Consuming Easy

healthy food

In fact, researchers at Cornell University discovered that the fashionable beverage could promote immunity on account of its highly effective anti-microbial properties, which may struggle off pathogenic micro organism. Kombucha nonetheless has the wholesome properties of tea, including superstar antioxidants. Another star of The 7-Day Flat-Belly Tea Cleanse, this fermented Chinese tea can actually shrink the scale of your fats cells! To uncover the brew’s fat-crusading powers Chinese researchers divided rats into 5 teams and fed them various diets over a two month period. In addition to a control group, there was a group given a high-fat diet with no tea supplementation and three further teams that had been fed a high-fats food regimen with varying doses of pu-erh tea extract.

The researchers found that the tea considerably lowered triglyceride concentrations and stomach fats within the excessive-fats diet teams. Toss some pomegranate seeds onto a salad for a burst of flavor, or combine them into a smoothie to boost the beverage’s nutrient content.

Hen Tostadas

Almonds are packed with monounsaturated fatty acids, which hold blood vessels healthy. This protein-rich winner is an acquired style for some, however completely price it. Loaded with nutritional vitamins D and B12, sardines are also an excellent source of calcium and omega-three fatty acids. Chard is supercharged with nutrients—think calcium, B nutritional vitamins, and beta-carotene.

Olive oil is an excellent supply of monounsaturated fats. When used in moderation, this tasty Mediterranean staple might even minimize the risk of coronary heart disease.

Sauerkraut is not just … Read More

Kobe Japanese Steakhouse Hiring Bar Manager In Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


Try the “Best of the West” prime rib, or just about anything on the Stockyards Steaks menu. Today, the Stockyards menu also features the very best quality corn-fed, aged steaks and prime rib. The menu has embraced a “New West Cuisine” that includes indigenous Southwestern elements in uniquely scrumptious methods. To date, The Stockyards remains part of native history and a favourite gathering place for Arizonans. Finally, plan ahead and revel in a major rib dinner on Sundays at Fleming’s, a steakhouse and wine bar where every steak is thoughtfully paired with a wine from the restaurant’s in depth wine menu.

But what you might not know is that while there is a lot to choose from, not every place makes the cut. With hundreds of eating places in the Garden State, it can appear overwhelming to find the best steak in NJ we’ve compiled a list of should-go to eateries below that can assist you find your perfect steakhouse in New Jersey.

Meat Clerk


Founded in Nashville in 1991, Logan’s has hundreds of places nationwide, primarily in Alabama, Tennessee and Texas. All guests obtain a bucket of free peanuts and a basket of yeast rolls after they sit down — Logan’s goes via greater than ninety eight million rolls every year. Be sure to get yours topped with beer-braised “Brewski Onions.” Other options include pulled pork over Texas toast, baby again ribs, country-fried steak or chicken with cream gravy , Nashville hot chicken and a French dip. “Its wonderful … Read More