The most expensive steak in the world

Almost every luxury restaurant always provides a steak menu. This one meal is never cheap. Especially if the ingredients are from special beef. But all the prices of beef steak in Indonesian restaurants will not be as expensive as the world’s most expensive steak that will be described in this post.

A5 Kobe Strip Steak

The record for a very expensive steak is achieved by A5 Kobe Strip Steak. You can buy and enjoy this one meal for around 5 million rupiah. Almost every dish on this one is served New York style, the meat used comes from Kobe Wagyu. The weight of the meat itself is 12 ounces and what provides it is The Old Homestead Steakhouse restaurant located in New York.

The meat used alone does not come from just any cow. Cows for making this steak get special treatment. Even before the cows start to be slaughtered, he gets massage treatments to make him more relaxed.

Fullblood Wagyu Tenderloin

The next most expensive steak was won by Fullblood Wagyu Tenderloin which is located in Sydney Australia. This elegant steak is also made from beef whose cows have been elegantly cared for for 600 days. There is a lot of special care given to cows, so cows are always happy. The flavors provided are of course different and consumers who want to try to eat must be willing to spend around 4 million rupiah.

103 Wagyu Ribeye

A steak that is similar to the price of a house … Read More

The Best Fast Food Restaurants and the Reality Behind It

At this time there are many fast food products or also called fast food. This food is also very popular among various groups of people. This fast food is the main meal for those who live in urban areas. This is because, in general, people who live in urban areas are people who are very busy with their work schedules so they also never cook.

This fast food or fast food is much loved because it is also considered instant and very hygienic because it is wrapped in a good place. In addition, this fast food offers a lot of interesting dishes that make consumers interested in these foods. If in urban areas there are lots of restaurants like this, this is due to the lifestyle of people in urban areas who really want everything quickly.

Mc Donald’s

This restaurant is a restaurant that originated in America. Of course it’s because Mc Donalds with the yellow “Meter” letter logo are found in Indonesia. This restaurant was founded by 2 relatives, namely Richard and Maurice Mc Donalds since 1940 which was originally called “Bar-B-Q” in California. The name Mc Donalds was only known in 1948, whose mainstay menu at that time was hamburgers, cheeseburgers, coffee, milk, soft drinks, French fries and pie.

This restaurant grew into an industry called Mc Donalds cooperation in 1955, since then the Mc Donalds restaurant has also continued to grow so that it has opened branches all over America. Moreover, the growth of Mc Donalds has … Read More

The Best Chefs Who Have the Most Michelin Stars in the World

Have you ever watched a talent search program to become a popular chef on TV? If so, it turns out that you are already familiar with the title Chef and the duties of a cook. The word chef comes from the French word chef de cuisine which means kitchen director or someone who is head of the kitchen. This profession controls everything that happens in the kitchen, such as determining menus, creating food or drinks, sorting ingredients, cooking preparations and how the food is served.

In this world there are many famous chefs who have a myriad of achievements and dozens of awards such as the Michelin Star, who are they who are popular in the international culinary world? Let’s take a peek at the profiles of the 7 best chefs in the world who have many Michelin Stars

Alain Ducasse

If you look at the number of Michelin Stars, of course Alain Ducasse is the chef with the most Michelin Stars, no half-hearted Alain Ducasse has 19 Michelin Stars and also has 3 Michelin-starred restaurants in 3 world cities, namely Monaco, Paris and London. Not only has he been named the best chef with the most Michelin stars in the world and his cuisine is unrivaled, Alain has also come up with innovative dining concepts and made a sizeable impact on international cuisine.

In May 2009, he opened the École de Cuisine Alain Ducasse, his first non-professional culinary school in Paris. In that year, he also signed a partnership … Read More

Straightforward Recipes, Healthy Consuming Concepts And Chef Recipe Movies

food recipe

Reduce the warmth to a simmer and cook dinner for 25 to 30 minutes . This recipe was excerpted from ‘The Mexican Home Kitchen’ by Mely Martinez. Cover the ice cream with the overhanging plastic wrap and transfer to the freezer to firm up for at least 6 hours. Once the ice cream is delicate sufficient to scoop, dollop about one-third of the ice cream into the chilled pan and spread it into a good layer. Scatter with half of the bananas and dot with half of the strawberry jam.

Win A £189 Dinnerware Set

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Long John Silver’s makes a speciality of serving up seafood, from shrimp to salmon and Pacific cod. And whereas there’s certainly a time and place for a visit by way of the drive-thru for an order of fish and chips, a copycat Long John Silver’s fish version could be made at residence. With cod, a little bit of flour and cornstarch, and an array of spices, you possibly can fry up a batch of fish just like the restaurant’s well-liked version.

Toss the ‘ulu with a generous amount of shrimp butter within the massive sauté pan over medium-low heat till heated through. Squeeze the lemon juice excessive and garnish with the lemon zest and chives. This is the love child of a grain bowl and arugula salad—with charred scallions, avocado, and thinly sliced jalapeño for smokiness, richness, and warmth.

Negima—rooster positioned alternately on a skewer with green onion or scallion—is among the most popular yakitori … Read More

705 Costner School Rd, Bessemer City, Nc 28016

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Finest Online Cooking Classes For Studying Fundamentals: The Kitchn’s Cooking College

“If my school is not even fostering those connections with the culinary neighborhood round me, then how is the scholar going to try this?” he asks. Now, although, he expects to absorb some students from the SFCS pastry program once they reach the externship phase. The San Francisco Cooking School provides tiny courses of 14 people that culminates in a culinary certification after six months. Working cooks come in fairly incessantly for full-day sessions to show college students issues like the way to break down a pig. In their freshman yr, college students have a physiology of meals class that teaches issues like why comfort foods have such a profound psychological effect.

cooking school

Food Procurement

Secchia has over 32 different educational spaces which embody kitchens, bakeshops, lecture rooms, demonstration theater, and a culinary amphitheater. Students can expect to obtain arms-on coaching all through this system along with lecture courses to ensure a well-rounded expertise. The International Culinary School on the Art Institute of Tampa is part of a network of a number of art institutes around the nation. Students in Tampa have the chance to earn both a diploma or an affiliate degree in both culinary arts or baking and pastry as well as a BA in Culinary Management. Students full an internship experience as a part of the AA program where they will learn different abilities and methods exterior the classroom. The Certificate packages offer primary level instruction and … Read More

Drink Me Style Options Beverage Product Improvement Consultants

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The Global Functional Beverage Additives market is anticipated to rise at a considerable fee in the course of the forecast period, between 2023 and 2028. In 2021, the market is rising at a gradual price and with the rising adoption of methods by key players, the market is anticipated to rise over the projected horizon. Consumers have filed a category motion lawsuit against spirits big Sazerac claiming the company’s malt-based mostly Fireball Cinnamon has misled them as a result of it lacks the whisky base of its father or mother brand, Fireball Cinnamon Whisky. BevNET’s video content material contains hundreds of video interviews with leading industry specialists and subjects similar to investing, e-commerce, branding, present events and extra.

Since 2013, e-commerce platform ReserveBar has specialized in promoting luxury spirits and wine — now it desires to supply your next tailgate, too. Get reside Share Market updates and latest India News and enterprise news on Financial Express. With the best measures, the Budget 2023 may help the hospitality and F&B sectors in India regain their pre-pandemic momentum and be sure that the sector continues to contribute to the expansion of the financial system. The Food and Beverage sector is essential from a strategic standpoint as a result of it contributes three per cent of India’s GDP. In India, the F&B industry supplies a dwelling to more than 7.3 million individuals.

Unplanned Downtime

How to maintain an optimum stage and circulate management for beverage manufacturing processes. Freshwater consumption and wastewater treatment are … Read More